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How To Craft The Perfect Menu For Your Event

So you’re hosting an event and you’re looking for a San Diego catering company that will help you craft the right menu. But how do you choose the right caterer in San Diego for you? With so many different menus and types of food served by local caterers, it can be difficult to choose just one. 

Here are a few considerations we recommend clients make when crafting a menu for their event.

  1. The type of event 

Is your event luxury or casual? Business professional or highly exclusive? The type of event you host — whether it’s a business conference, charity gala, company picnic, or office party — will determine the appropriate types of food options.

  1. The time of year

Summer is generally a great time for outdoor barbecues and picnics, while the winter holidays are an opportunity to celebrate in luxury. However, you can have it any way you want — any time of year.

  1. Audience demographics

As a local San Diego catering company, we’ve hosted events both large and small for local businesses and even large national brands. We’ve served highly diverse and niche audiences and know exactly what they’d like. While some prefer a culturally diverse menu, others prefer American classics. Our three brands — Urban Solace, CowgirlQ, and Picnic People — offer everything from modern cuisine and international flavors, to American comfort food and BBQ.

  1. Event theme

Another important characteristic to consider is the theme of your event. The food should fit seamlessly into the mood you are creating with the theme, decorations, and entertainment. Our team of event coordinators is happy to offer guidance in this area.

  1. Style of service

Certain events are best suited for a particular style of service. For example, buffet style is great for large networking events, while a charity dinner typically has plated service. 

  1. Meal timing

If you choose plated meals, keep in mind that it can take one and a half hours to serve guests, depending on the size of the event and number of courses. Consider guest preferences and the layout of your event space before setting a time for serving.

  1. Dietary restrictions

Another important consideration to make is the dietary preferences and restrictions of your guests. We are happy to make changes to dishes to accommodate guests who eat a vegan, vegetarian, kosher, halal, gluten-free, or dairy-free diet. 

Browse menus from the best San Diego catering companies Urban Solace, CowgirlQ, and Picnic People and begin crafting your event menu today!

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