Three Seasonally-Inspired Salad Recipes to Try This Spring

With spring officially in full bloom, a bounty of fresh produce and flavors make for the gamut of veg-forward meal options and sides to celebrate the season. Check out three of our must-try salad recipes this year!

Heirloom Tomato and Fennel Salad 

Refreshing and vibrant, this sun-kissed salad is a perfect harmony of seasonal flavors—uniting the sweetness of garden-picked heirloom tomatoes with the zesty punch of arugula and fennel. 

Consider pairing with seafood, such as our Herb Crusted Salmon from Urban Solace Catering. 

·     2 cups arugula 

·      2 large heirloom tomatoes 

·      ¼ cup fennel 

·      ½ cup pistachios (chopped)


·      ¼ cup extra virgin olive Oil

·      ¼ cup balsamic glaze 

·      Pinch of salt + pepper

Cucumber and Tomato Salad 

A crisp and light veggie medley, this no-fuss favorite is the perfect side for your next springtime gathering. Try topping with our house herb dressing for added punchiness—recipe included below! 

Make it a full Mediterranean-inspired spread, serving with our Rosemary Lamb Riblet from Urban Solace Catering. 

·      1 medium cucumber 

·      1-2 roma tomatoes 

·      ½ medium-sized yellow bell pepper

·      1 cup red onion 

·      ¼ cup cilantro (minced)

Herb Dressing 

·      ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 

·      ½ tbsp 5% apple cider vinegar 

·      ½ tbsp amber honey 

·      ½ tsp whole grain mustard 

·      ¼ cup parsley parsley 

·      ⅛ tsp fresh thyme 

·      ⅛ tsp fresh sage 

·      ⅛ tsp fresh mint 

·      Handful of basil leaves (~¼ cup once chopped)

·      Pinch of salt 

Chickpea Salad 

Hearty and protein-forward, this palate-pleaser incorporates an easy-to-prep selection of seasonal produce enlivened by flavorful notes of jalapeño, cilantro, and fresh herbs. 

Consider serving with a lean meat option, such as our Lemon Chicken Breast from Urban Solace Catering.   

·      1 can garbanzo beans (15 oz)

·      1 medium English Cucumber 

·      1 pint grape tomatoes 

·      2 jalapeño peppers 

·      1 small bunch cilantro 

·      Handful of fresh basil

·      Handful fresh mint 

·      Pinch of salt + pepper


·      2 tbsp olive oil blend 

·      1 tbsp dijon mustard 

·      1 tbsp rice wine Vinegar 

·      1 tbsp garlic 

·      1 lemon (juice + zest)

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